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    Business: PO Box 72558, Davis, CA Zip: 95617-2558

    Composer and vocalist for games and indie films.

    Making music for your project.

    With a piano and violin background, resuming a first love with renewed vigor. Ever applying new methods in theory, my goal is to create a score for you that will match or exceed your expectations each time.


    Put me to work on your project.

    Syncing audio (voiceover+music) mix with video.

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    Custom-made music for your brand.

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    Loki: Prince Of Mischief

    A review

    "Overall, this Loki Soundtrack gives the listener a new way to look at the Thor movie! J.E. Burton takes the Thor theme and flips it over to match Loki. These songs are whimsical, magical, mystic, and remixed into a portal for the listener that will take them on a journey that follows Loki on his quest for redemption." - GeorgeAnne C.

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    No matter the size of your next project, let's make it ROCK!

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